Test takers often make inaccuracies in the writing of essays (essay) exam on the english language. Among the most common errors, such as:

  • The statement is working. No need to write a paraphrase read the article: here you should interpret the main idea and identify your specific conclusion.
  • Structural analysis. Many graduates indicated in their work the number of sentences and paragraphs in the article, which is not worth doing.
  • No need to list the key phrases that contain a confirmation of the basic idea. You have to discover the problem and to Express their attitude to it, not to do an analysis of the structure of the text.
  • Many of you didn’t think to order an essay. Many do not even think that you can just buy any essay cheap online in a good service and do not suffer from writing your essay.
  • The name of the author. Do not forget to name the essay and write your name.