Three trends of modern education, which we must accept

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What parents need to know about the education that their children kept pace with the times.

We understand that our children will live in another, largely different from today’s world. And modern school poorly meets the demands and challenges that will face the new generation in the future.

“Leider” together with national online Olympics for elementary school students “Amnesia” tells what tendencies in education cannot be ignored if you want your child held in adult life.

Total Informatization

The future is the era of digital technology. We can’t imagine ourselves without tablets, Internet and mobile phones. Education, of course, also goes to the digital format.

Students spend more time in front of electronic media. Experiment on use of electronic textbooks has started in Moscow in 2013. And today the experts of publishing house “Prosveschenie” predict that 100% of Russian schools will move to electronic format by the year 2025.

The availability of digital technologies in education provides students different opportunities.

First, the digital technologies allow to a considerable extent to provide an access to quality education , regardless of the region in which the children live and study.

Second,** computerization makes possible frequent and detailed assessment of students**. Online tests, online competition, computer based training software — all of these tools not only allow you to track the progress of the student, but to compare his results with peers across the country.

Third, computer technology allows teachers to create so-called modular educational units , taking into account the speed of mastering new knowledge, depth of study and the assimilation of the studied material.

Humanization of education

Many educators and parents who have experienced the tradition of Western (European and American) education, noted that the key difference between “them” from “us” — to shift the focus on the so-called** soft skills*_. This term refers to *_not_ directly related to the studied subject skills** — for example, the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor, negotiation skills, tools, beliefs.

Russian education has long been focused on a deep study of educational subjects, but without the humanization of education (focusing on the development of soft skills) the future success of today’s students is impossible. That is why Russian students invariably became the winners of international Olympiads in mathematics, physics and chemistry, but much inferior to Western graduates in such disciplines as management, marketing or sales.

In accordance with the trend of humanization of education in our schools have actively implemented the project activity, when the students learn to set goals, plan time to work in a team, to find and analyze information and to present their solutions.

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The role of the teacher becomes more a mentor to give advice, provide constructive criticism, open discussion, or to motivate the student.

Children have the opportunity to see role models and to learn something important not only in school but also in other areas of life, including the Internet. Logic, analytical thinking, the ability to selectively focus attention and to Express their opinions — resources to develop in the child such necessary and important for the future success of the skills, now appears more and more.

The continuity of the educational process

Have you noticed that today, learning has become a fashionable and interesting? Learn not only children but also adults. Someone chooses courses personal effectiveness other improving English, or mastering new skills. The Internet and modern technology offers many forms and opportunities to improve their educational level.

Now we can listen to the lectures of professors from Harvard, Oxford or native of Moscow state University, without leaving their own room.

People every day receives and processes vast amounts of information. This continuity of the educational process inevitably leads to the integration of all study subjects in a single educational environment.

Accepting and adapting to the trend of the continuity of the educational process, today’s students are studying subjects separately, but in close connection with each other.

For example, working on a project for the study of local history, pupils acquire skills of writing essays (literature), build models of dwellings (technology), draw graphs of population growth (maths) and I collect recipes of local dishes (the world). Thus, presenting to each other the results of their project, students not only reinforce their learning and soft skill, but also expand their knowledge through experience and knowledge of other students.

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Three trends (computerization, humanization and continuity of education) are the main trends influencing the content and processes of learning. And the teachers and parents to accept and to use them to maximize the efficiency of children’s education.

According to recent studies specialists at the HSE, about 64% of Russian primary school children and preschoolers involved in the system of additional education, and half of them are users of online education.

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This means that the 1.5-2 million children under the age of 10 are already using the Internet to gain knowledge.

At the same time, the specialists of the educational platform “Amnesia” determined that the percentage of participants of subject Olympiads among first-graders is 60%, and class 4 (the end of primary school) this rises to 80%. If we translate this into figures — it’s all the same 2 million children a year.

These 2 million participants of the Olympic games and users of Internet resources of additional education — those who have already adapted to new trends in learning.

If education is a continuous process, the forces and energy spent on vaccinating the child is the interest and habits to acquire knowledge, is the most important task of parents and teachers of younger students. Impossible life successfully engaged in unloved business, it is impossible to grow a successful and harmonious person, ignoring the trends that shape our future.