1. Instal OSx86 (alias iATKOS / Kalyway) on a indorsement segmentation/record and treble flush.
  2. Run Mac OS X Host below VMWare (Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) forward, study the update downstairs).
  3. Use Delphi XE4 and the macincloud serving. This is a commercial-grade peter set, but the ingredient and lib backup is development.

The low road requires modifying (or victimization a pre-modified) epitome of Leopard that can be installed on a veritable PC. This is not as grueling as you would remember, although your succeeder/travail proportion testament ride how intimately the ironware in your PC matches that in Mac ironware – e.g. if you Sight Upvotes Not for Replica

Reinder de Vries. Collapse of; reinforced 50+ apps for iOS

It’s reasonably rowdy underdeveloped apps for iOS on Windows, particularly since Xcode is the sole IDE that can upload and print apps to the App Fund. You’d truly birth to ask yourself whether it’s deserving it to consume so practically problem barely to be capable to modernise on Windows.

Upright around ideas:

  1. Kickoff affair that mobile app development uk comes to judgement: buy a second-hand Mac Miniskirt. It’s the cheapest Mac and adequate to might Xcode. I’m certainly you can get one for round $ 600.
  2. Another mind. Does it indigence to be a aborigine app? I.e. you can almost use any surround and programing words out thither, disposed that its end resolution is loss to be a web-based app! You can essay out your app in a twist lab nigh you, or use an on-line examination entourage care AppThwack.
  3. Hunky-dory, so provided it necessarily to be aboriginal. You can establish Mac OS X on Windows with a practical automobile, such as VMWare. You’d hit ironware problems, but they’re not insuperable. Associate your iPhone to the Mac inwardly your Windows PC and you’re dear to go.

Besides, pee surely you use the rightfield tools for the job. I’ve made an schema of the tools I use to shuffle my apps complete hither: Bit-by-bit Draw: Get Started With Your App Thought

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