Apple upraised the restrictions on non-Objective C/C/C++ apps — you equitable can’t payload cipher that isn’t in the app packet.

MonoTouch lets you use.NET languages — C# is straightaway supported, but if you sustain Windows, you can brand assemblies in any.NET words and use it.

Thither are rumors that Apple is departure to documentation otc languages direct — I living earshot cherry, but they are equitable rumors.

I recollect Lua is organism victimized for gage logic on lots of apps.

I time-tested Lua for the logic inside my app, with luasqlite also (endeavor solvent, so no depot rejections could be tortuous, whether they power befall or not) and i can attest that it workings marvelously. Livelihood in intellect that Lua has a identical rattling low store footmark, so you can really run xii of interpreteres simultaneously without overwhelming as often as a Mb of retention (which is what I really did. ). See besides granny.pancho.villa solvent almost Fleet. Rick77 Jun 19 ’14 at 13:50

The SDK correspondence and App depot guidelines let been changed (circa Kinfolk 2010).

You can now credibly use any compiled words that testament amass to the like inactive ARM objective charge arrange as Xcode produces and that testament tie to (lone) the populace API’s inside Apple’s frameworks and libraries. Still, you can not use a JIT compiled lyric unless you pre-compile all aim cipher earlier compliance to Apple for visit website reappraisal.

You can use any taken words, as farseeing as you engraft the spokesperson, and do not reserve the representative or the app to download and run any explainable encrypt otherwise cypher reinforced into the app packet ahead meekness to Apple for follow-up, or reference encipher typed-in by the exploiter.

Aim C and C leave probably quieten be the nigh optimum programing nomenclature for anything requiring eminent functioning and the up-to-the-minute API backup (* see update infra), as those are the languages for which Apple targets its iOS frameworks and tunes its ARM cpu chipsets. Apple too supports the use of Javascript/HTML5 privileged a UIWebView. Those are the but languages for which Apple has proclaimed documentation. Anything else you leave get to breakthrough documentation elsewhere.

But, if you real deprivation, thither are leastwise a half-dozen Canonical interpreters now uncommitted in the iOS App storage, so level Gemstone Age programing methodology is now allowed.

Added: (*) As late 2014, one can besides acquire apps victimization Apple’s new Blue-belly programing words. As of former 2015, submitted binaries mustiness admit 64-bit (arm64) reinforcement.

With plans to tardily withdraw the long-used Objective-C, Apple has introduced a new programing terminology, called Blue-belly, for scheming apps and applications to run on Apple iOS devices and Apple Mac computers.

Apple says: Blue-belly is a new programing nomenclature for iOS and OS X apps that builds on the topper of C and Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility. Blue-belly adopts good programing patterns and adds modernistic features to shuffling scheduling easier, more compromising, and more fun. Swift’s scavenge ticket, backed by the maturate and much-loved Chocolate and Chocolate Signature frameworks, is an chance to reimagine how package maturation workings.

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What programing languages can one use to break iPhone, iPod Feeling and iPad (iOs) applications?

Carmine, Python, Lua, Dodge, Lisp, Smalltalk, C#, Haskell, ActionScript, JavaScript, Objective-C, C++, C. That’s barely the ones that pop into my mind rightfulness now. I’m trusted thither’s hundreds i.e. thousands of others. (E.g. thither’s no intellect why you couldn’t use any.NET terminology with MonoTouch, i.e. VB.NET, F#, Nemerle, Boo, Cobra. )

Besides are thither plans in the hereafter to thrive the measure of programing languages that iOs testament supporting?

Indisputable. Somewhat often everyprograming nomenclature community on this satellite is presently workings on acquiring their terminology to run on iOS.

Besides, lots of multitude are workings on programing languages specifically intentional for signature devices such as iPod trace, iPhone and iPad, e.g. Phil Mercurio’s Thyrd lyric.

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sole Objective-C is allowed by now. but since few month, you’are allowed to save book that testament be taken in your lotion.

So you may be abble to spell a LUA voice or a Python translator, so spell around contribution of your lotion therein scripting speech. If you wishing your covering recognised on the App Memory, this scripts suffer to be megabucks with the diligence (your diligence cannot download it from the Net e.g.)