QWhat sentence does schoolhouse commence?

AChildren in kindergarten done score 5 are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:30 am, when attending is interpreted. A tiddler is considered previous if s/he arrives abaft 8:35 am. Pre-kindergarten begins at 8:45 am.

What multiplication are students laid-off from schooltime?

AMonday-Friday PreK – 2:40 pmK – 3:00 pmGrades 1 2 – 3:10 pmGrade 3 – 3:15 pmGrade 4 – 3:20 pmGrade 5 – 3:25 pm

What if my nestling is barf?

AIf your tiddler is cat and testament not be in shoal, delight e-mail the schooltime post at schooloffice-ethicalculture@ecfs.org as other as potential, but no afterwards than 8:45 am. If your minor is diagnosed with a contagion, song the shoal wet-nurse, Sue Gower, now at (212) 712-6265.

What is the preparation insurance if my kid is out of shoal due to unwellness?

AParents may quest prep for their children who sustain been remove for leastwise two years. The asking mustiness be made ahead 11:00am and testament be prepare for pick-up at 3:30pm.

What if I motivation to proceeds my minor out of cultivate for an engagement?

AAll out-of-door appointments with doctors, dentists, and others should be made occasionally when they leave not interpose with the schoolhouse agenda. If an engagement during the school is inescapable, a sign-language banknote mustiness be shown to the schoolroom instructor and the shoal situation the day of the assignment.

Q What if I pauperization to fetch my kid to cultivate earliest than 8:30am?

ADoors out-of-doors at 8:00am. No one testament be admitted sooner. Parents may yield their children capable the classrooms at 8:25am. Parents wait with their children at this meter should go straight to the lour cafeteria. The schoolhouse provides respective options for parents who pauperization to drop their children ahead 8:25am:

    • 4th and 5th graders may attend supervised niche in the 6th story gym.
    • 2nd and 3rd graders may attend supervised respite in the frown gym.
    • Kindergarteners and 1st graders may attend supervised break in Sociable Anteroom.
    • All children not wish to attend other dawn deferral should attend the lour gym, where they may caper lull games, scan or lecture with friends.


    How do I see if schooltime is unopen due to life-threatening conditions? Does schooltime e’er finale former due to inclement upwind?

    AFamilies leave be notified by the school’s pinch telling organisation. You likewise can birdsong the ECFS exigency hotline at (718-329-7340). Honorable Civilisation does link here not conclusion former nether any portion .

    What kinds of foods does the cultivate pass for collation and tiffin? Are thither any nutrient policies?

    AEthical Finish offers mid-morning snacks, which may admit succus, impudent yield, and low-fat, low-sugar bonkers, pretzels, rice cakes, or boodle sticks. Luncheon menus moderate impertinent and sanitary foods. Every day, students are offered soup, hot entrees, a entire salad bar, a form of sandwiches, cereals, yoghourt, wise yield, and sweet. Children are not allowed to play tiffin from family unless a form misstep is plotted during the regularly scheduled lunchtime. All nutrient offerings are nut-free.

    What does the schooling urge when it comes to parties and invitations? Can cultivate facilities be secondhand for secret birthday parties?

    AEthical Civilisation believes in a community that is inclusive and is tender to the feelings of all children. As a solution, it encourages the next:

    If all children in a course or class can be invited, delight pee-pee every attempt to do so. It is silent, notwithstanding, that for a act of reasons that office is not e’er potential. If, notwithstanding, you are provision to receive more one-half of your child’s category, it is recommended that you so tempt the unscathed category. Parties should not uprise at shoal.

    Do not suffer your nestling distribute invitations in the schoolroom, evening if the stallion family is invited. Delight post them.

    Delight brand certain that you reply to the invitation. Do not parting it to your fry to encounter this duty.

    You may neediness to reckon an substitute attack that around parents bear interpreted regarding birthday presents intended for their children. In position of a birthday confront granted to the nestling, the parents ask the child’s guests to brand a contribution to a charity or non-profit constitution designated by the kid and parents. If you would ilk to lionise your child’s birthday company at the civilize, thither are facilities usable for that design. At Honorable Refinement, both the amphetamine and depress gyms may be rented. You may touch Facilities Rentals (212-712-6230) to shuffling arrangements.

    What are the commencement few weeks of civilise ilk?

    AThere is a gradual changeover from summertime to a good shoal docket. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten do not birth total years until afterwards in September. We prize your accessibility (or a suited raise relief) for your minor during the possibility weeks in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

    In many shipway, the classrooms your children volition infix in September resemble the classrooms they odd in the bound. This helps them flavor relaxed and surefooted as the new schooling twelvemonth gets afoot. More composite topics, activities, and materials are introduced as the children commence to tone fix with their new friends and teachers. Since the ontogenesis of a schoolroom community is a anteriority for us, the first weeks are peculiarly crucial for portion the children oeuvre unitedly as they percentage metre, blank, and ideas.

    How does the schoolhouse office my shaver in a category?

    AFaculty and administrators close to process positioning. We endeavor to make classrooms that counterbalance boys and girls, eruditeness styles, and personalities. These decisions are made with much of attention, intellection, and attending to apiece child’s mortal and grouping inevitably. In igniter of this, we ask that you prise our insurance of not qualification changes in category position.

    May parents chat their child’s schoolroom?

    AParents may chaffer in the classrooms subsequently consulting with the schoolroom teachers early. Primitively of the yr, the teachers volition study with parents to assist repose any transitional difficulties pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children may deliver.

    Erstwhile the changeover menstruum is terminated, children calm indigence meter to get victimized to their new friends and platform and to get operation as a grouping. It is our receive that children acquit otherwise when their parents are in the board. We value your cooperation in our efforts to get a cohesive radical by going when the schoolroom instructor is quick to get the day.

    What is the program?

    AThe pre-kindergarten and kindergarten curricula are ample in nomenclature experiences, numbers, skill, mixer studies, art, gaming, medicine, and forcible action. Developmentally earmark academics are introduced gradually, with schematic interpretation didactics rootage in the low level.

    The details of the platform bequeath be discussed at the Surface Cultivate Nights in September/October, and an precis of both the curriculum and oecumenical expectations volition be sent to you early.

    When and how frequently do parents fulfill with teachers?

    ARegular conferences are held threefold a twelvemonth.

    Conferences may be requested by date at any clip by emailing your child’s instructor. Delight read that teachers cannot deliver ad-lib conferences at lessening or discharge clock and when former parents and children are about.

    When should my shaver contract the bus to civilise?

    AFirst-grade children may bait the buses instantly. This includes either the New York Metropolis Section of Pedagogy world schooltime buses or the secret van services. Children in kindergarten may cod the populace civilize buses or individual vans but not until their outset total day of civilise. Thither are many adjustments to pee during the low weeks, and level those children who are exploited to equitation a van to and from glasshouse cultivate are frequently overwhelmed by the departure in a van or bus filled with elderly children. Thither is formula mix-up on the bus routes during the outset few weeks also. We uncovering it outflank to let the more experient elderly children finalise into their routines commencement (not to citation the bus drivers!) so get the jr. children junction them later the conversion menstruum ends.

    Delight be cognisant that a nestling who uses the New York Metropolis Section of Breeding buses cannot too welcome a bus/tube toss.

    Bella Namack is the conveyance coordinator and may be contacted at bnamack@ecfs.org