Fees for outside students

The row fee p.a. is deliberate on the cornerstone of one full-time twelvemonth of sketch (1 EFTSL information). If a path continuance is less than one yr, you bequeath pay the indicatory totality row fee. Existent fees depart contingent the subjects you are pickings. The University reviews fees p.a.. The suggestive tally class fee is based on distinctive topic enrolments, and includes an indexation of 5% annually. More info astir tutelage fees .

Length indicated is maximal trend length. May be realised in less EFTSL depending upon pedantic ground and/or relevant oeuvre get.

Fiscal Assist

If you are an outside educatee, you may be eligible for a grasp of scholarships or grants.


The Module of Humanities besides offers a unparalleled orbit of scholarships to supply students with opportunities for exploitation and enquiry in the arts, sociable sciences and languages. More data roughly scholarships.

Delight banknote: If you bear already standard a learnedness you are not eligible for foster support.

The fees for this point are listed beneath, significative for 2017.

200 head syllabus

2 eld full-time / half-time unavailable

$65,141 AUD

The fees displayed are for external students. If you are a domesticated bookman, delight take this alternative at the top rectify of this pageboy.

Distinctive trend fee for 2017: $31,776 AUD / class

Length indicated is utmost path continuance. May be accomplished in less EFTSL depending upon academician setting and/or relevant employment get.