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MLTP – A Multi-Layer (M&multiplication;N) Draw Parcel for SMP Linux (Dissertation Externalise)

by Michael Dipperstein

Dissertation Abstraction

This dissertation is focussed on the conception and execution of an open-source two-level weave bundle called MLTP for the Linux os track on Intel PC SMPs. Center togs direct scheduled by multiprocessor OS ordinarily bear mellow setting replacement price compared to user-level duds. User-level duds scheduled inside a unity inwardness serve are not open of utilizing multiple processors. Many twin applications track on SMPs ask accompaniment for elastic mastery of center and user-level duds and such a box is not useable on the Linux os. In the dissertation talking, I bequeath discourse an M-to-N architecture for MLTP and a excogitation for effective synchronicity and replacement among duds. Such a figure allows a multi-thread lotion to accomplish scalability and efficiency in multi-processor environments at a low toll. I volition besides salute operation of MLTP for various micro-benchmarks and applications on Intel Xeon double and quad-processor SMPs.

Dissertation Documents and Root

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