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Resource planning is often a key aspect of project management because success of an project is directly dependent of how the resources are allocated and how optimally they are used. Having a resource plan includes how the teams need not juggle and struggle for resources as and when they desire it. Let’s take a look at what sort of resource plan can be created, to start with that, here’s a hyperlink to download a project resource plan example

CASE STUDY 1 (provided by Dreamscape Design) Client A has spent a substantial amount money on a fresh shopping online site, and then learn (after the site continues to be completed) that this e-commerce strategy is only being licensed to him. If he desires to host your website with another company, he can lose the license and you will be not able to consider the database, administration area, or back-end code with him. Obviously this poses huge problems, as they is essentially being? Held to Ransom?, and is can not move hosts without losing the rights to the system.

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