About Us

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Our attorney’s fees are 70% lower than the prevailing rates at competitive law firms. We are able to do this because we have lower overhead costs and a common-sense approach to providing the information and assistance you need without the expense of providing what you didn’t ask for or need.” Ryan Moulder, Partner

    • Health Care Attorneys P.C. provides consulting advice, documentation review and regulatory filings for all types and sizes of businesses and corporations in connection with the new health care reform law under the Affordable Care Act and related legislation, regulations, policies and guidance.
    • Our approach is to provide concise and easy to understand interpretation of health care reform as it applies to your business now and in the future.   Whether it’s providing a presentation to your HR personnel, executives or employees or answering specific questions or planning a course of action for your company’s health care coverage, we are happy to assist.
    • Health Care Attorneys P.C. can assist your company or business with specific projects and handle administration of healthcare plans.  Clients have the option to simply put us on a monthly retainer to be on-call for your HR personnel or employees.
    • While all of our consultants are attorneys experienced in ERISA and the health care reform area of law, our fees are a fraction of the price of traditional attorneys at law firms. We do this by keeping our administrative costs low and our focus on one thing – health care reform law.

Contact us at rmoulder@healthcare-attorneys.com or call us at 424-273-6097 or 314-698-9057.